Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Inquiries

Is your site compatible with my operating system?

Answer: Our site is compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems. You can read our books on any mobile device or computer.

What operating systems and web browsers can I use to access your site?

Answer: We have worked hard to make MediaGemm accessible using virtually any device. For that reason, we are compatible with every major operating system:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer (IE) 8 or greater

And our site can be enjoyed on any major web browser:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Linux

The book I downloaded isn't working. How can I fix it?

Answer: Please reach out to our support staff for assistance. Provide us with the name of the book, details of the issue you're experiencing, and the type of device you're reading on. We'll work to find a solution to the problem and get back to you within 24 hours.

I have a technical question. What should I do?

Answer: Just fill out our online support contact form and provide us with details regarding your issue. You should receive a response from our technical team within 24 hours.

Billing and Membership Inquiries

I cancelled my membership, but would like to confirm the cancellation. Who do I contact?

Answer: When your membership is cancelled, a confirmation email is sent to the address we have on file for you. To update this email address, contact customer support.

If you did not receive your cancellation confirmation email, check your spam folder, then contact a customer support rep if the email cannot be found.

How do I contact a customer support staff member?

Answer: If you would like to speak to a live rep, please call 1-855-274-6677. To receive support via email, send a message to

I've cancelled my membership. Why am I being billed?

Answer: If your membership has been successfully cancelled, and you received confirmation of the cancellation via email, you should no longer be billed.

If you believe there has been an error, please contact customer support and we'll resolve the matter right away.

Tell me more about your cancellation policy.

Answer: You can cancel your account at any time with no penalties. After you cancel, you'll be able to continue accessing your account for the rest of that billing cycle. After that, you will no longer be billed and your account will no longer be accessible.

How do I request an account cancellation?

Answer: If you would like to cancel your account, you can fill out our online cancellation request form, or speak to a customer support representative at 1-855-274-6677.

Can I get a refund?

If you would like to know if you are eligible for a refund, we ask that you contact one of our live customer service reps at 1-855-274-6677.

Refunds are often given if:

A) There were technical issues with the site

B) Your financial information was illegally used

C) Your account was billed by mistake; OR

D) You were unhappy with our service.

You may request a refund for any of the above reasons, and we will attempt to process it within 24 hours.
We will send a confirmation email to the address we have on file for your account, at which point it can take 3 to 7 business days before the refund will post.
*To learn more about our full refund policy, refer to our Terms of Service or speak to a rep at the number listed above.

I can't find charges from your site on my credit card statement. What should I be looking for?

Answer: Charges from our site will appear as " 8552746677" on your credit card statement. For any other questions regarding billing, please call and speak to a customer service representative at 1-855-274-6677.

For additional assistance please contact a support representative.

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